The Government is a Business

Nearly all governments today are in a great deal of debt to each other due to many internal crises. War creates debt, as they say. Currency inflation, misuse of money, and education differences nearly always create a need for governments to lean on each other. Not to say that constantly flourishing chaos is detrimental, but in certain mindsets it is limiting.

Right now, without realizing it, every person in any country depends on their government as if it were God. Especially, in what is now globally considered a United States oligarchy.

Many of the strong world religions want a fair government for its people, but they want it to adhere to their beliefs. With so many opposing sets of beliefs in the world, adherence to anything but human law is destructive.

*Natural laws are the basis for Human Rights laws created shortly after World War 2.

UN Peacekeepers at the Border

The United Nations is keeping the peace at the Southern Border of the United States. Up until this point, none of this information has been released to the media for the general public to know.

The UN, however, declassified and released information regarding the details of their mission, and the time of arrival of the peacekeepers within the past two months.

Why the Government isn’t bailing out Christians

The White House is maintaining it relationships with all Muslim leaderships. Christians have been openly rebelling against the government for some time now, and, as a result, have lost the loyalty of their own government. The government should be separate from any and all religions in order to avoid targeting any one group specifically for the sake of religion. BUT if there is secular rebellion, is there another choice?

Child Marriage Highlight

Child marriages and group marriages are widely accepted in some cultures throughout the world, while, in places like the United States, strict monogamy through the eyes of the law and religion is the only institution that is accepted.

As someone who has only been exposed to this kind of outlook on marriage with zero outside knowledge, aside from word of mouth, I beg the question: Is this ethical? OR Abuse?

Effects of SSRI’s on Children

Many antidepressants have resulted in suicide of children and adolescents and been pulled off the market because of it. One of the biggest names associated with this trend is Lexapro. Lexapro was responsible for multiple teen suicides before it was determined that this was a high enough trend to be pulled off the market in 2004, while offering a cool $300 million payout to the victims’ families for its effects.

Lexapro, like many mental health drugs cause birth defects, in addition to increasing depression in children.

Some other big names involved in the study listed by Harvard were Prozac and Zoloft. The reason why it’s important to understand the target groups’ results, instead of simply pulling these drugs off the market, is the surveys showing a positive swing in decreased violence in young children with the increase in serotonin-based medications.

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