BREAKTHROUGH: Schizophrenia linked to 128 Different Genetic Abnormalities in the Human Genome

When understanding how to cure a disease, it’s vitally important to know the root cause in order to find the cure. Without the initial cause, it becomes more convenient to treat the symptoms instead of ending the disease itself.

There have been great strides in discovering curable causes of Schizophrenia. For example, in the past 2 years alone, it has come out in the media that another leading cause of Schizophrenia is a tumor on the lower left section of the brain, where many of the sleep regulating hormones are produced. Initially, the disease presents itself as Schizophrenia, and in later stages, narcolepsy.

One day, there will be the ability to cure any mental health illness with different genetically altering illnesses in one dose, instead of a lifetime of pill popping.


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