Ebola Cure?

Reports are coming out saying that Ebola survival is up to 70 percent in some places because of unapproved distribution of the cure for Ebola.  The professional asked said it, “wasn’t intentionally distributing the cure only to the west.”  One person in Spain received the cure as well, which has caused editing of the calculations of the death rate of Ebola.  

During its first outbreak in the 1970s, Ebola had a 90 percent death rate. Upon what is now being called a pandemic of Ebola, there have been death rates as low as 50 percent, and as high as the original 90 percent.  The cure being available to unknown sources is the difference.   

President Obama was responsible for forcing the FDA to NOT pull the experimental cure from the market.  There was some concern over reliability of the drug.  

The WHO has released details of people showing visible symptoms entering public places in Africa, and has said repeatedly, there is little to no likelihood of America having a high death toll due to Ebola.  There has been, however, the large influx of immigrants with communicable diseases being kept in large public places with no space and no beds.  As far away from the border as North Carolina, there have reported outbreaks of diseases like Tuberculosis.  





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