Ebola Update

An African Congolese Nun just died of the new Ebola virus that is, in fact, airborne.  People are starting to ask, should the US be giving Africa the experimental drug that is being hailed as the cure for Ebola?  

Morally, yes.  Scientifically, I am honestly not sure.  If the new drug that was nearly pulled off the market, is found to work perfectly, then more needs to be made.  Exceptions are already being made to use the drug experimentally without proper testing in the first place, and, even with the exceptions, there is still a mortality rate.  Meaning, it is a treatment and not yet a cure.  The drug needs to be perfected before it can be distributed on such a large scale, or, as it mutates, the virus will be resistant to any treatment.  

The new Ebola has completely different symptoms than the one that was found naturally occurring in the environment.  The style of hemorrhaging is completely different, with a mucous like pus instead of blood bubbling to the surface after the organs liquefy, and it has developed a mutation that allows the virus to live outside of the body for more than 24 hours,  Not only is Ebola able to live outside of the body, it is communicable within 3 feet of any infected person.  Something that hasn’t been released until now.  

Not to mention, the death toll is still relatively low.  Quarantine is a horrifying militaristic experience, and the places that are sectioned off are no doubt living in fear.  But that doesn’t mean that every one of the people being exposed or experiencing symptoms is dying.  That should be the deciding factor in relying on small cases for experiments and research rather than mass distribution and risking a mutation. 


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