ISIS Brutal Attack

Within the past two days, a group of refugees from the Sinjar Mountain told a story of a young woman.

The most recent shocking execution, was said to be perpetrated by by ISIS.  There is some debate in my mind, though, as to whether or not the credit for the kill goes to ISIS or ISIL, who has been holding the refugee Yazidis under siege ever since ISIS forced them to flee from their home towns.  Upon arrival, the US fought through the siege to free the Yazidis amid rumors of executions.  The most notable of which was a young woman who had her hands tied, then was tied to the bumpers of two separate vehicles and torn in two.

President Obama may well have, as brought to attention by Vladimir Putin of Russia, violated international law to pull off this military operation to save what is left of the Yazidis from forced slavery, crucifixions, and beheadings.


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