FEMA called for Survey of the Emergency Food

New age American Extremists have literally refused to cooperate, let alone provide emergency supplies for the FEMA headquarters.  The only long lasting results of someone so against the government providing emergency materials is the risk of government officials’ lives, the risking of American’s lives.  Eventually resulting in not only inducing fear and then hoarding supplies in an emergency situation, but a waste of their own time being in the business they are.  


Further more, it is abhorrent that a propagandized video of this nature would attempt to comfort the population by admitting that they would starve government officials to death if they were under siege from one of the many international military groups already present in the United States today.  

Not only is there a huge Islamic Military presence, there is an influx of illegals hostile to the current government, in addition to rebels like themselves.  Moreover, we are currently “training” Ukranian military on our lands while having UN peacekeepers for the border, while simultaneously pissing off the Leader of Russia.  Not to mention, the only reason why we are not officially at war with ISIL, who has not only threatened the government, but officially declared war on it, is because we simply didn’t accept the official declaration.  All of which is after the sister organization, ISIS, now fully allied with al-Qaeda, makes it to the White House and claims it land for its own, with the new school electronic flag.  

If any of these people think they American lives at heart, then they are surely mistaken.  


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