Palestinians Join Ferguson Fight

Photo: We are human.

Image: Anwar Alamaisi

“We are Ferguson.  We are Gaza, because…We are Human.”

Gazans and Muslims in general know how important it is to stand up for yourself against things like martial law, racially motivated killings, and apartheid.  This is just one protest, but there is support in the community.  

Upon reflection, the United States has a system that ends up operating just like an apartheid, even though we have officially ended segregation in the late 60s early 70s.  The new incoming populations don’t have access to anything to even identify themselves, and for people who were herded out of their homes, like most refugees are, this is a devastating problem.  

Instead of giving them a new identity, while simultaneously allowing them to start a new life, they are being left behind.  Not allowed to get jobs without fake papers, not allowed to get food when they have no income, not allowed to get formula when their babies are hungry.  Taken advantage of sexually constantly by people offering rides, people evaluating them at the border, the cops who hassle them for being illegal.  Finally granting them jobs for cash when they are so poor and desperate they will resort to near slavery to survive.  

Then there are the ex-slaves.  People who have been here from generations, who are still treated this way, but with some improvement.  Because there was proof that the African population was discriminated against with open slavery and legal segregation, they are allowed benefits, and sometimes to be hired.  But for the most part, the population is so damaged, that few people want to work with them or around them.  So, they isolate themselves.  

Then there are the middle income earners,  the ones who get benefits, and the right to work.  However, they are often begrudged these things by people like the ex-slaves, survivors of the apartheid, who are given benefits, but still not allowed secular life.  Meanwhile, the upper crust, looks down at all of these groups, and only accepts those they feel are similar.  

What’s the recipe for fixing this?  Equal right to work.  Better jobs.  Better treatment of women.  With less domestic violence.  Either that or a much better death penalty system.  


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