My 16 Year Old Self On Going Topless

Some Offense Intended

Ok, I’m gonna level with you. This month has been cray-cray-zy for me. I usually don’t have any social events (or interaction at all) but all August there seems to be one thing after another which will conclude this Thursday when I go to see Jack White with my mom. That’s right. A rock concert with my mother. I’m cool like that.

Anyway I just haven’t had a lot of down time between weekend engagements and everyone at work other than me getting vacation time this month so I dropped the ball this week. Plus I honesty had no idea what to write. I’m sorry. I suck.

Anyway… this past Sunday was the 5th annual Go Topless March. For those unfamiliar it’s exactly what the name suggests. A topless march.

The idea behind the Topless March, of which are held in over 50 different cities, is that in the spirit of equality…

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