Should we bomb Iceland’s Bárðarbunga volcano?

Watts Up With That?

Aerial bombing of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano was done in the past, widening the eruption crater to minimize high flying volcanic ash problems.

B18sMaunaLoaEruptionApril1940WUWT reader “magma control” writes in with this suggestion:

The USAF bombed the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa, in 1935  and 1942  to divert lava flows threatening Hilo, and again for testing in 1975-76 [1, 2].

As in Iceland magma flow and strong quakes around Bardarbunga volcano area continue and officials do not exclude a big eruption [3], we propose an immediate serious consideration of using bombing to widen the crater in case of  an eruption, in order to prevent volcanic ash reaching high and causing too many problems in air-traffic (as from the same country in 2011) and climate.

There is literature support for the idea:

Modern aerial bombing has a substantial probability of success for diversion of lava from most expected types of eruptions on Mauna Loa’s…

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