72 Virgins and Islamic Men

I believe this proverb affects men on earth.  Men in this day and age are so intent on getting their numbers up in terms of who they are having sex with that they forget to be a lover.  So, someone who is actually gentle and kind and loving has women beating down the door for them constantly.  Fighting like slaves for the only man who will actually love them.  Prostituting themselves like whores to avoid punishment.  Dying horrible deaths because they love no one.  

The 72 virgins may be a literal interpretation of the beauty that awaits the men in heaven from withholding from themselves sexually on earth by being loyal to their wives and their wives alone.  Instead, men have decided to try and act out this fantasy on earth, in this time, just for being themselves.  As if they are all God’s gift to humanity.  When in reality, they need to earn what they have been given, and by being disloyal to their wives, they are repeatedly losing this grace.  

Sexual Jihad is not an excuse for anything but survival in the effort to convert the world for Islam.  The moment you start becoming a practicing Muslim, you are essentially giving up the Jihad.  Jihadists are constantly at war.  They are the ones who you pray for in the mosque.  They are the ones who do the work of the desires of the Muslim people, and they are the ones who have no one to be loyal to as a sacrifice to do the work of Allah on earth.  That is the code that al-Qaeda lives by, and the sexual Jihadist tactics are tailored for that lifestyle.  

Westerners have intentionally been sexually open for an extended period of time, and the sexual Jihadists tactics are also another way to infiltrate the culture to overcome it.  To destroy it.  If they become a part of Islam, then Islam will be destroyed.  The Muslim Brotherhood, that was founded in Egypt, is a political party that was dissolved in its home country and later moved to Turkey.  The new Brotherhood has not acknowledged the details of the change to the Sexual Jihad intended to be enacted throughout the West.  I would like to think, though, that they do not mean to go down with the ship they are sinking.  

There is some evidence to the contrary, though, in the form of the UAE.  Recently, there was a debate on whether or not to desecrate the tomb of Mohammed.  The Profit Mohammed’s tomb itself.  

No doubt, this is in response to the destruction of the tomb of Jonah and the starvation of Shia peoples and the Iraqi Christians.  But it goes against the identity of every Muslim in the world.  

I think the world forgets that there is a culture that predates Islam aside from Christianity, and it is an Ancient Feudal system.  Filled with slaves and prostitutes, defined my money and who or whom you conquer.  In a veiled way, that is what the West has become, and in a much greater way, is what the Middle East has been in places like Saudi Arabia.  


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