Online Native Ads Are Held To Higher Standards Than Those On TV


Editor’s note: Danielle Wiley is the CEO of Sway Group, a leading content marketing agency with over 75,000 influencers in its network.  

National news programs have garnered news of their own recently for adopting native advertising as a source of income. “Good Morning America” recently aired interviews with the new Under Armour spokespeople, Lindsay Vonn and Gisele Bundchen, but only those who waited until the very end of the segment witnessed the “brought to you by” disclaimer. Though some social media pundits called out “GMA” for not making this disclaimer apparent enough, it was actually a big step forward in television disclosure overall. Most TV disclaimers don’t appear (if at all) until the end credits; virtually insuring that no one will see them.

Indeed, shows who don’t disclose sponsorship until the credits roll are doing nothing wrong. FTC requirements mandate television programs to merely mention all sponsors in…

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