Supreme Court to rule on Facebook threats and Amazon worker rights as new term starts


The tech industry was front and center on the Supreme Court’s docket last year, giving rise to landmark rulings on cellphone privacy, digital television and new measures to reform America’s dysfunctional patent system.

This week, the Supreme Court begins a new term and though tech-related issues are not as prominent as last year (gay marriage and religious freedom are getting top billing this time around), cases involving [company]Facebook[/company] and [company]Amazon[/company] are attracting attention.

Here are three tech-related Supreme Court cases to watch in the coming two months (more could be added by the end of the year), plus a quick look at five other cases that could bubble up to the top court in the the next year or two.

The Amazon workers’ case

Integrity Staffing v. Busk, October 8

Should employees be paid when they have to stand in 25-minute lines for security checks at the end of a shift? A group of Amazon warehouse workers from…

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