Live Suicide Situation

Awakened by loud noises around midnight on the 6th, I look outside to
find a real live suicide attempt with what appears to be a female hostage. She may have been willing to begin with, but she doesnt appear to be now.

A few minutes later, and still nothing.

Now adjusting for the lighting. This doesnt appear to be the normal for these guys. Visibility is almost zero from this angle, but The gunman looked directly at me. Now a cell phone.

Admittedly, its dark. And my sight is not the best. But when I called. My boyfriend picked up the phone right when the shadow did.

Turns out it was all an illusion. The second row of streets.

The young man was just caught choking her, and now she is going to the front, instead of following the police’s orders.

The presumably young man is most likely turning a lovely date into a nightmare.

Every local cop they can manage is out and shaking. There really is a reason for militarization.

A vague recommendation over the radio says to sideswipe the car. The way this is going, there might be a human casualty.

Metal pieces meant to flatten the tire are trown down on the ground as they turn on the car. They really want to run away and be Bonnie and Clyde.

The best I can tell. They both deserve jail. They are taking advantage of the cops’ inexperience.

Every move towards the drivers’ side causes the local police to increase their stress level. He moves. She moves. He hits her again.

A truck pulls up sees the ruckus, an backs away as if to say, “Only in my neighborhood.”

Cops are on foot in the parking lot. As if to make an exception for me to stay outside, the cops flash a light in my direction and keep going.

It looks like from this angle, that a bullet was fired from withinthe drivers side at an upwards angle.

While things at the car are in a standstill, a lone military officer is cursing slightly headed to deployment. With two more soon to follow.

Finally, a young girl holds hads on the gates while the hosage negotiator finally arrives.

“You are completely surrounded.”



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