Teradata doubles down on Hadoop again, this time in the cloud and with Cloudera


Data warehouse specialist Teradata is ramping up its Hadoop business again, announcing the company’s Hadoop cloud service as well as a new, tight partnership with Cloudera on Thursday.

For a couple of years, analysts have been claiming — and Teradata has been disputing — that the open source Hadoop platform and its expanding set of capabilities could pose a risk to Teradata’s multibillion-dollar business of selling expensive, proprietary database software and appliances. Whether or not [company]Teradata[/company] is actually worried, it’s doing everything it can to embrace Hadoop and roll it into the Teradata sales cycle.

The [company]Cloudera[/company] partnership is probably the biggest of Teradata’s latest moves, as it loosens, to some degree, a very tight partnership Teradata already has in place with Cloudera rival Hortonworks. (Among other work they’ve done together, Teradata’s own Hadoop appliances actually run the [company]Hortonworks[/company] Data Platform software.) Under the new agreement, Teradata has developed new connectors…

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