3D Printing

One of the most noted 3D printers of all time has been sent to jail for creating an untraceable way to make guns independent of the federal government , ie, free of serial numbers.

3D printing is revolutionary, and should be encouraged, not limited.  Solar panels and guns are the most notable innovations promoted, but there is always more that can come from the same technology.   Furniture, computers, Cars, homes… There are very few limits to what this technology is capable of revolutionizing.  To have someone jailed for inventing an ecological way to mass produce weapons is a travesty from the perspective of the people of the world.

From a diplomatic perspective, on the other hand, creating the technology to produce unlimited untraceable weapons is a threat to any and all governments that continue to want to monopolize weapons businesses for the purpose of profit. 

Where is the middle ground? If the governments in question are capable of producing a profit on a national and international scale, they should be catering to their people in a more complete scale. The governments that are demonstrating response to a threat should be utilizing this technology and even the individual idea. What government doesn’t need a cheap way to produce a lighter, cheaper weapon?

3D homes and solar panels are other notable ways the printers that also happen to be slightly more peaceful in theory. Toys, games, computers, learning technologies. Maybe, with a few experiments new forms of insulation, and waste systems.

If anything , 3D printing technology should be replicated in a way that forwards society as a whole.  That is, the society of the whole world.  Not quashed due to the potential threat.  From the weapons to homes to solar panels, 3D art deserves to be shown.




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