Unisex Bathrooms to Replace Gender Specific Bathrooms

In Houston, Texas, a city ordinance was passed within the last year, to have unisex bathrooms available in public places.  Not take a trip back to kindergarten, BUT, we all knowing playing on the playground is not the reason why adults have separate bathrooms based on gender. 

Yet another place we, the United States, need full audio visual running at all times.  Also known as, Mass Surveillance.  Mass surveillance has provoked more fear and resolution in this country than anyone can imagine.  With the fear of all of our dirty little secrets being spilled for the to see, the constant threat of imprisonment for the slightest infraction, and, if your well liked, there is the added threat of obsession. 

With the necessity of flagging different videos for the purpose of investigation, porn jokes, trauma from the depravity of what men and women do,  and then there are the various plots that are perfectly capable of driving someone to insanity. 

With the night scene available, Unisex bathrooms would undoubtedly result in an increase of group sexual activity, both consensual and non-consensual.  Mass surveillance would be a necessity to determine consent.  Overnight cameras would require different treatment in terms of costs.  And, due to the depravity of the human race already in existence, nearly every time more than two people go at the same time, there would need to be yet another video equivalent of a virginity check. 

Vulgar though it may sound, that is the reality of the necessity and dangers of mass video surveillance when a law as simple as one set of bathrooms instead the gender bias bathrooms are made universal.

Also, boys, you mind hitting the toilet and flushing occasionally?


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