What’s so wrong with torture? A defense of John McCain’s view

A thought on how to change the legal system in the United States to shorten jail time and increase severity of punishment without ruining the lives of convicts long term.

Felonies that result in prison time should be severe enough to warrant corporal punishment and psychological deprogramming.

Anything less should result in fines, inconveniences, and criminal records.

Removing the registries for sex offenders (as I have had people call for) long term would be a good idea if it were for the betterment of the general populous. In the United States, statistics do not indicate the safety of the populous by looking the other way for sex offenders, in particular paedophiles, to live unattended.

The increase of rape, molestation, child molestation, and child rape is statistically proven throughout the history of the sex offender registry. To the point that it should be a new form of defense to kill a rapist on behalf of the victim. This form of defense should be applied to all violent crimes in progress, and the populous should be educated to understand that it should apply to violent crimes only.


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