Eartube Surgeries a Quick Fix for bigger issue?

The average child screams for weeks on end before pediatricians recommend surgery to relieve the pressure and drainage from their skull due to the backing up of mucous. 

With EV D68, the flu, RSV and general childhood illnesses causing a slew of health problems throughout the nation, in children in particular, it is not too hasty to request more attention from pediatricians on behalf of the children we love.  

A 1 year old child should not have to scream and cry through 13 visits to the emergency room before she is finally relieved of 4 to 6 ounces of mucous on each side of her brain. 

Proper healthcare in the United States has been in question for a time now, and the best ways to handle situations like this is report and stay educated.  Not every doctor is testing for the diseases listed by the CDC.  Nor are the doctors in the US checking for the symptoms on a regular basis.


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