Aliada, A Housekeeping Service With A Social Justice Slant, Raises $800,000

In Mexico, there was a bill passed within the last ten years that provided a government funded way of ending sex slavery without putting the people (mostly women) back into ultra poverty to reenter the sex trade willingly. The bill provided a small stipend by American standards specifically for the purpose of starting a business. Here is what one woman did.


Aliada, a housekeeping booking service based in Mexico City, is offering a new, socially responsible model for one of the most maligned segments of the on-demand economy.

The company’s vision has managed to attract attention from some of Mexico’s biggest investment firms. Capital Invent, Variv Capital, and Dila Capital have all committed to Aliada’s $800,000 seed financing as the company looks to increase its presence in Mexico City and expand to other cities across the country.

Bringing the on-demand to housekeeping has meant big dollars for the U.S. startups Homejoy and Handy, which have collected nearly $100 million from venture capitalists between them, and the Rocket Internet brothers have even launched their own emerging market clone, Helpling.

[pullquote author=”Rodolfo Corcuera” align=”left”]We didn’t want to look for money outside of Mexico, because we want to set an example that amazing things can be done in Mexico by Mexicans.[/pullquote]

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