Maternal Mortality Rate

The maternal mortality rate is a set of statistics specific to women who deliver children.  The death rate among the population of women, in countries who report Maternal Mortality statistics, is roughly 25%. That means 1/4 of women who deliver children annually, die.

The cause of death?  Anemia.  90 percent of women who died as a result of what was thought to be Pregnancy/delivery related injury, were simply in need of a roast, a hamburger, a salad, and a salmon before delivery.

In other words.  Starvation.  Women are being starved to death on a global scale daily without a single person to advocate against the barbarity of what has been done to them.   It’s not unreasonable to believe that the father of the child in that woman’s belly would starve his wife, and potentially his child, to death out of spite, punishment, and embarrassment at the amount of weight she has gained naturally or due to health issues ignored during pregnancy.

Many women who have shown signs of obvious sexual activity, ie, pregnancy, are labeled whores.  Extremist men, of what now appear to be any religion, previously credited exclusively to Muslims, then enact action to have them die subtly, rather than any alternative happy ending.

There are many less subtle alternatives that use to occur more frequently, like violent muggings gone bad, a rash of men who would beat women into comas and then get custody of the children after they are born, divorce without alimony, restriction from work, reduction of wages due to issues with children, or the “family track,” withholding of medications, discrimination on healthcare coverage and more.


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