Rape Pornography Still Exists

Google agrees to remove revenge porn pix from search results http://rt.com/news/268570-google-revenge-porn-block/

Revenge pornography has been illegal for over a year in the United States.  The FBI has even claimed to shut down ALL revenge porn websites for good. Yet, Google, the biggest US internet company, has yet to remove revenge pornography from its searches to this day.  Battered women, young inexperienced girls, and hardened girls who “deserve it” every where are being humiliated in an incredibly vile and intimate way all over the world every second until the anger that promotes the making of revenge pornography, similar to that of a rapist torturing his prey into submission, is removed in its entirety. 

With promises that businesses like maternity hotels, brothels, and violent street prostitution sites (Due to current laws, many people who participate in prostitution are transients.) are being shut down, can we trust what is being promised or are the problems that lead to the sexual anarchy of the streets simply not eliminated by one large bust or two?

Is the behavior that is being promoted in the homes of the United States provoking or opening up a market for these inherently corrupt businesses to not only exist but prosper?  Or even more to the point why is the demand so high that people are being forced into these businesses younger and younger?

What is missing for these increasingly young and more vicious people that they feel sexual brutality is part of a normal relationship?

The abuse is coming from somewhere for so many people to participate in licentious behaviors associated with something that is so key to people’s existence and morality.  The pornography is only a symptom of a sexually brutal culture that results in acting out of violent fantasies on camera.  Because hunting someone down and humiliating someone is a violent act. 

Hunting someone down and humiliating them during an inherently intimate act (whether or not the people involved are misusing said act is another moral issue) is a full blown hate crime that has gone unrecognized for quite some time, and it needs the notoriety a landmark rape case would. 

Norovirus Outbreaks Results in over 5 Deaths Recently–Unusual.




A Norovirus is a dystentary that is little more than a viral case of food poisoning, and yet has resulted in fatalities.  As one of the articles explains, norovirus typically kills as a secondary infection.  None of the victims sought medical treatment and most were recovered by Monday.

Norovirus kills 800 a year, and all victims of the disease are over 65.

Death of the Leader of ISIS

In today’s time, people associate death with, well, death.  Fear, dismay, chaos, and extremism.  Multiple legal systems throughout the world discourage death with one hand and then implement it with another.  Regardless of moral culpability, it’s important to define what we, humanity, see.

Deaths that make the news typically are not defined by the average person due to a combination of weakness of stomach and a lack of understanding.  In relation to the death of  Abu Sayyar, the Leader of ISIS, people assume the hunting down of his family is a death penalty.  In reality, his death was an upper level assassination, and the separation of his family a war tactic only currently defined by the instructions divide and conquer.

Clearly, a leader of one of the biggest rivals of the United States in the entire world, similar to landmark governments like Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Communist (Soviet) Russia, etc., would be a coveted assassination to be credited with by any enemy or rival.

To some, the death of Abu Sayyar is unthinkable, but expected.  Multiple attempts have been made on his life throughout the reign of ISIS.  His wife is in legal custody, and his Yazidi slave released. In times of mourning, definitions help the more logic minded people who have not adjusted to large amounts of emotions.  For the  general public, this is good to know.

Individual execution:  An individual who is killed by a group for the purpose of implementing a law.

Assassination:  Calculated individual kill for the purpose of war, but not related to any local laws, necessarily.

Group execution:  10+ individuals executed by established lawmakers for the purpose of enforcing a law.

Massacre:  10+ dead by a random act of violence in a chaotic and disordered way.  These acts occur all at one time, and in one instance.  But not necessarily the same location.

Mass Execution:  30+ dead for the purpose of enforcing a law or enacting war.  These executions only become illegal in the instance of the laws being seen by the lawmakers as too minimal.

DIsaster:  30-100 dead  in natural or unnatural occurrences.  Unrelated to war or laws.

Catastrophe:  100-1000+  dead in a natural or unnatural way.

Many of these styles of death were implemented by ISIS in a way that had never been exposed to the public.  Sharian lawmakers often enforced their laws in a very socially isolated way, to the point of disrupting translations or stoning those who revealed the details of their laws to infidels.  What appears to be terror isn’t always terror, sometimes it’s a government.

* The Yazidi slaves were officially released 6 months after they were originally held captive on Mount Sinjar.  Hopefully, her story will be released.

Ibiza, the Hamptons, downtown Manhattan: Where the Winklevoss twins got hooked on bitcoin

Originally posted on Quartz:

In the late summer of 2012, the Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, were in between ventures and looking for their next big move–leaving them time for a trip to the Spanish island of Ibiza with a couple friends.

The twins had recently retired from their rowing careers, which had taken them to the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics, and they were in the process of setting up their own technology investing firm with money they had made from their legal settlement with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Just before they had left for Ibiza, they had leased an office in Manhattan for Winklevoss Capital.

While lounging at Blue Marlin, one of the trendy island’s most famous beach clubs, a compact, boxer of a man with a shaved head, approached the brothers and introduced himself as David Azar, mentioning a friend they had in common in New York.

Cameron knew how to extract…

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Heard The One About Fascists, Socialists, And Murderers?

Originally posted on Samir Chopra:

In Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny (W. W. Norton, New York, 2006, pp. 6-7), Amartya Sen, in the course of asserting how ‘our freedom to assert our personal identities can sometimes be extraordinarily limited in the eyes of others’, slips in the following:

[S]ometimes we may not even be fully aware how others identify us, which may differ from self-perception. There is an interesting lesson in an old Italian story–from the 1920s when support for fascist politics was spreading rapidly across Italy–concerning a political recruiter from the Fascist Party arguing with a rural socialist that he should join the Fascist Party instead. “How can I,” said the potential recruit, “join your party? My father was a socialist . My grandfather was a socialist. I cannot really join the Fascist Party.” “What kind of argument is this?” said the Fascist recruiter, reasonably enough. “What would you have done,”…

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People are petitioning President Barack Obama to create Mike Trout Appreciation Day

Originally posted on For The Win:

Mike Trout (AP Photo) Mike Trout (AP Photo)

For a post at Eye on Baseball, Dave Brown created a Change.org petition in an effort to convince Barack Obama to create Mike Trout Appreciation Day.

Brown writes:

As he showed again Wednesday night, Mike Trout is the best player in the best sport and he deserves a day all to himself. Mike Trout Appreciation Day, unless someone else can think of something better, is what we should call it. You can help make it happen by signing a petition addressed to President Barack Obama himself.

We are lucky. We are blessed. Even if Mike Trout Appreciation Day doesn’t happen, it’s incumbent on us as individuals to put some time aside to watch Mike Trout highlights and appreciate him. If you already do, take more time! Mike Trout is worth our reflection.

This is an extremely noble cause, and one I wholeheartedly support. The

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