Another Pearl Harbor

Band Night at Notsuoh. 


Another Pearl Harbor, a band headlining Notsuoh, a local club known for it’s artistry and its rehabbed architecture. 

Heaviest metal of the evening. Largely instrumental to begin. With nothing but edge its no mystery to see why they are proclaimed headliners. 

Cones of Uncertainty

A good mix of classic and modern rock with a little hint of classical. Creating a good mix of heavy and light tones, overshadowing the duet lead singers.  An electric violinist lead singer is a nice change from the classic home heavy metal bands. 


Remember has a wide variety of songs written in a high range for the singer.  They are lyrically sound, sweet even, and musically accurate.  My suggestion for them would be to write in two registers in case of an emergency. But overall an excellent band to have play for you live.   

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